• Shay

Introducing Shannon C. Spencer-Watson, the FAT and DESPERATE Bride

In my Sophia (from the Colored Purple) voice: I's married now!

Yes, it's official! Michael Watson and I tied the knot on September 4, 2021 at the Dumbarton House in Washington D.C.!

Getting married during a pandemic is not for the weak of heart, and keeping it all the way real, I am so glad that stressful expensive ass shit is over! I appreciate the experience but nah! Never fucking again!

I did not want to have a ceremony, as I was absolutely content going to the courthouse, but with Michael, having had a unique wedding experience the first go-round in 2019, really wanted to have a ceremony; so we agreed to it as long as it was small.

Do not tell him this, but looking back, I am happy we had our friends and family there! We live in a world where toxic love is the norm, and to be able to share our light and pure love with those we love the most will stick not just with us forever, but the young ones in attendance.

Healthy black love still exists, and it should be acknowledged and celebrated.

I have to say, my most memorable moment from our wedding ceremony is Michael breaking down in tears during his commitment speech to Tahiry (my five-year-old from a previous relationship)! There was not a dry eye in the place!

Due to Hurricane Ida, our New Orleans Honeymoon was re-routed to Nashville, TN and we had an amazing time! Typical honeymoon shit. Explore. Food. Alcohol. Sex. Repeat.

Once we returned from Nashville, and our wedding pictures hit the internet, my dm's lit up like a Christmas tree. People from near and far wanted me to know a few things about myself (These are actual dm's received - typos and all):

  1. "Shay, you are the fattest and sloppyest bride I have ever seen. You should kill yourself. Seriously sis! Even if you dont, clogged arteries will get you soon enough lol and Fuck lying ass Michael. Hes a bitch!"