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Sixty Days... No Food... Just Fresh Juice

In 2017 I was unexplainably ill. My inflammation markers were off the charts, and after months of test and frightening hospital stays, I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) in 2018.

Prednisone (a powerful steroid) became my life! I gained over sixty-five (65) pounds over the course of three (3) years by popping 60 MG a day. My self-esteem plummeted and I fell into a deep depression (this is part of the reason behind my weight gain). I was barely getting by at work, and I felt like my entire world was crumbling. I was coming to terms with my mortality, understanding that my next lupus flare, could be my last.

While browsing online, I ran across an interesting documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.

Quick Summary: Joe Cross, an Australian businessman who suffered from a skin disease called urticaria, grew tired of feeling deathly ill and taking a shit ton medication. In an act of desperation, he goes on a sixty (60) day juicing reboot, drinking only homemade organic vegetable and fruit juices. At the end of his journey, he’s 67 pounds lighter, and has reversed all of his health ailments to include his high cholesterol. He no longer needs any of his prescribed medication.

The theory behind this is quite simple. Fruits and vegetables have powerful healing properties! Juice, in particular, acts as a liquid supplement in your body. It takes all the work from digestion out of the equation, and allows nutrients to absorb directly into the blood stream, resulting in your cells being flooded with micronutrients!

This documentary got me to thinking… "Would this work for me..." Fuck it... I'm going to try it!

Beginning June 17, 2021, I will begin my own personal reboot. For sixty (60) days, I am removing all solid food from my diet, and will be juicing only organic fruits and vegetables. I will also drink one (1) gallon of water a day, and lightly exercise three times a week for at least an hour.

Let's Address the Elephant in the Room:

Many of you are thinking "She's just doing this shit to lose weight for that man". Hell, if I am being honest, maybe there is some truth to that. I am under a lot of pressure, and though weight loss is a benefit I hope to experience through my journey, I would also like to see if my Lupus issues improve.

My Preparation:

Preparation for this is key! In the weeks leading up to my journey, I began cutting down on the amounts of solid food in my diet, relying primarily on fresh juice.

What I Purchased:

Apparently, there are several types of juicers, so it’s important to research to determine which juicer works best for you. I decided to go with a low speed, masticating juicer from Omega. The low speed minimizes heat build-up and oxidation, and I found that I was able to get a higher juice yield with VERY DRY pulp (see my video below).

I also grabbed a few glass bottles (for storing my juice) from Amazon!

Organic vs Non-Organic

I am cheap as fuck, and frankly, I didn’t see the big deal in buying organic, but boy was I wrong. Flooding your cells with nutrients is a wonderful thing, but if you are also flooding them with pesticides, that may be an issue. Organic produce can cost as much as twice the cost of its conventional counterparts, but honestly, health is wealth. Only put in the good stuff, if possible.

Organic is best, but anything is better than processed food, so if you are unable to find and/or afford to purchase 100% organic, that's okay! I started off buying non-organic, and that worked for a while, but honestly, organic juice simply tastes better!

On average, the total cost for me to purchase fruits and vegetables from Moms Organic Market is approximately $160 bi-weekly ($80 a week).

Juicing Recipes

I discovered a fantastic app ‘101JuiceRecipes’ which contains hundreds of juice recipes. I plan to explore as many as possible, but for this week, I plan on juicing the following.

Please keep me in your thoughts as I begin my journey tomorrow!

I will provide updates (to include photos of my progress) daily on my instagram page (in my stories), and bi-weekly right here!

Sincerely, Shay

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